About Issie Venter


Through Issie Venter’s Drama & Life Coaching, children as well as adults are shaped and honed through public performance. Issie is a professional actress who is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the stage. She is best known for writing stage productions, teenage scenes, monologues and poems. Some of her work has been published in Rymreise. Her plays are challenging for herself but also for all actors and actresses.

Directing is Issie’s strength and shows regular awards for it. Her variety of productions testifies to that. Among other things, she has undertaken many awareness-raising and “corporate” projects, including topics such as AIDS, drugs and teenage suicide. Issie Venter is a well-known and experienced judge and is described as one of the Drama Spirits in Centurion.

At Issie Venter, people are picked up despite who or what they are and step out as  confident people who knows who they are and where they are headed.


As a former teacher, she has the expertise to identify and repair learners’ problems. Issie knows how to turn a shy, withdrawn child into someone who is not afraid to have her say. Speech problems are quickly identified, and repaired in a safe, comfortable environment. Furthermore, she leads a Drama queen to “The Queen of Drama”.

Issie Venter is herself a full-fledged “Queen of Drama” and her work speaks of joy because laughter and smiles are definitely an Issie Venter drama school feature! For Issie Venter, too much of a good thing is FANTASTIC and so she tackles every task with dedication.

Her love for people, children and the stage makes her glow! She and the Issie Venter drama school have been running together for years. Her experience is backed by her studies. She passes on her motto to everyone who crosses her path:

We are not born to fit in. We are born to stand out!


Business women

Director of On The Tip Of Your Tongue (NPC)


Owner of the Creative Drama Academy​

Published writer

Course designer, facilitator and presenter


Director Issie Venter Drama School (CC)

Life Coach

Former owner of Knypie Kat Theatre

Former Teacher

Motivational speaker and presenter

Knypie Kat Theatre

Issie Venter is the former owner of Kypie Kat Theatre The Knypie Kat Theatres doors were open for famous actors as well as beginners. Issie hosted countless, Baby showers, Christenings,Yearend functions and celebrations at the Knypie Kat. The Knypie Kat will be remembered as a beautiful tranquil warm space where many young and old hearts were touched and shaped. 

Issie Venter Drama School

Issie started her own drama school in 1910 after she obtained her Drama Licentiate. She focuses on Creative Drama and to develop individuals as a whole. She creates a safe haven for the out of the box personalities as well as the shy ones. She is Centurion’s most spoken of drama coach. Say Issie Venter and you would have heard the name before. She is known for her many awards in teen plays and unconsertive approach to theatre and pushing the boundaries to address social problems. She has shaped many students and adults through her drama coaching.  


Issie Venter is a master of all in public speaking. There is little that will stand in her way to advance youngsters and adults into shakers and movers. Her more than 23 year’s experience comes to light through her enthusiastic approach to disregard the smallest thing that will stand in your way to flourish as a brilliant public speaker.  Her mantra- stand your ground and Speak to bring change – proceeds her. She involves herself with training on school, tertiary and corporate level.

Life Coach

We are not born to fit in- we are born to stand out.

Director of On The Tip Of Your Tongue (NPC)

Oppie Tong Af / On The Tip of Your Tongue.  

We equip, uplift and empower the youth of the nation.

Licinciate Mentorship

Issie Venter acts as a Mentor for Licinciate students. Many success stories derive from students that stood under the Issie Venter umbrella.


As a published writer, Issie is looking forward to soon release a book!


Issie is a well known Judge at drama, arts, public speaking and performance competitions.

Course Designer & facilitator

  • Kunswedstryde/Art Festivals 
  • Openbare Toesprake / Public Speacking
  • How to write a speech